Sig Sauer Mosquito Review

There’s a lot of controversy about this here little pistol. Being a fan of Sig products, we’re surprised that the controversy still exists considering how much time they have had to work the kinks out of this .22. Maybe some, or hopefully most, of the problems have been solved, but from our experience with shooting this pistol, here is what still exists on the good and bad fronts.

Out of the box, it’s a great looking gun – the kind you would expect from a manufacturer like Sig. We were pretty hopefully and excited about this pistol while we were loading and setting up for that first shot. The owner of the pistol had informed us that the initial cleaning had been performed and to date about on a hundred rounds had been put through the pistol.

We squeezed the trigger and …click. No shot.

Still convinced that this great looking and great feeling gun was just having a little hiccup, we cleared, tapped the mag, racked the slide and…bang…click. Shot fired but with a jammed slide.

Apparently the Sig Mosquito still needs the long complained about, breaking in period of a few hundred rounds before any notable reliability can be expected from the gun. What is more important is that despite all the heel-clicking of having a gun that shoots economical .22 ammo, the kind of ammo used in this gun absolutely makes a difference in the beginning. The trigger is also a big problem. It’s heavy, tight, gritty and far too much pre-travel makes this even more of a disappointment.

This is a great looking and feeling gun and with a little work and time, there were improvements in the shooting. After about three-hundred rounds of top-grade CCI ammo and some really expensive match-grade Wolf ammo, we had fewer issues. Heavy lubrication with some serious machine grease (Magnalube-also good for guns) during an additional few hundred rounds also helped things along. Removing the magazine disconnect also helped with the trigger issues, but only a very little.

We performed all the tasks mentioned above then sent the pistol to a friendly gunsmith for a little trigger work and overhaul, then put about another thousand rounds of halfway-decent ammo through it. And now? Well, now it shoots like a dream. No hangups, no jamming, no slide issues and a much more comfortable trigger. What’s better is that now just about any ammo put through it cycles beautifully. In this reviewer’s opinion, all of this should have been taken care of in the factory and not put on the shoulders of the purchaser.

Ranked #9 of 10 in our Best 22 Pistol Comparison